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Traction Motor Components

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Traction Motor Components

Messaggioda eleng il 13 gen 2020, 3:24

Origin: China (Mainland)
Size: Customized
Package: wooden box + pallet
DZE type electromagnet is a bidirectional braking electromagnet (hereinafter referred to as electromagnet), which generates magnetic field from time to time. By the action of armature and armature core axle on the brake device of elevator tractor, the spring force on the device is overcome, so that the brake device can be released. When the power is cut off, the spring force on the device can be used to achieve its release state. The braking effect can realize the fast stationary and accurate positioning of the elevator, and can be used in safe (danger-proof) braking and other occasions when the power is off.
The magnet has the advantages of compact structure, low power consumption, convenient installation, wide adaptability, low noise, high working frequency, agile movement and reliable braking. It is an ideal automation control and execution original in modernization.Traction Motor Components
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